Threaded Backs


Every style of diamond stud earrings on our site is available with your choice of friction backs or threaded backs at no additional charge.

To order threaded back studs, first choose your diamond size and quality. On the product description page, below the description and price, see Options for this Earring Purchase.

We offer both styles, because each style has it's advantages:

 When to choose threaded backs


Threaded backs offer a greater degree of security for your diamond studs. It is virtually impossible for a threaded back stud to slip out of the ear. The only drawback is that many women find them difficult and time consuming to put on and remove their threaded back earrings.

Use threaded backs for larger, more expensive studs, or if you often lose an earring while wearing it.


 When to choose friction backs


Friction backs are more convenient to wear than threaded backs. They are easy to put on and take off. Our friction back studs have 2 notches on the post, so it is very unlikely that they will ever slip off by accident while being worn.

Use friction backs for everyday wear studs, or if you seldom lose an earring while wearing it.