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We regard your privacy as a matter of serious respect.
We will not share your name, email address or personal information with any outside party.

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Studsforless.com is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. To protect the information you send from your computer to Studsforless.com's e-commerce system, this information — including your credit card number, name, and address — is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software. Internally, we use encryption and Web security technologies to protect the privacy of your personal data. Only parties responsible for processing your order have access to your credit card and bank information.

We may request personal information, including your name, shipping address, telephone number, e-mail address, billing address, credit card number, and expiration date. Studsforless.com collects that information in order to:

  • •Process an order;
  • •Verify your identity for payment authorization;
  • •Contact you regarding your order status;
  • •Ship your order to you;
  • •Enter you in a sweepstakes (if you request);
  • •Send you news from Studsforless.com (if you request); and
  • •Generate anonymous statistics;

Once Studsforless.com gathers your name and address, this information will then be transferred to your credit card company, if applicable, for confirmation to complete your purchase. Your name and address will not be used for any other purpose than delivery of your order. Your name and address will not be sold to mailing-list firms.

Participation in Contests or Sweepstakes
If you choose to participate in a Studsforless.com promotion (contest or sweepstakes), your email information is retained in order to ensure your ability to redeem that promotion.

Tracking of Advertising Links, Action Tags, and Cookies
Studsforless.com works with affiliate program providers that provide our customers with promotional codes for special discounts and other benefits. These programs post Studsforless.com ad banners on other websites which use action tags and cookies to measure how many times users view and click on an ad and which specific pages of our Web site users visit (e.g. a registration or checkout page). To do so, these companies may use information about your visits to the Studsforless.com Web site and other Web sites. Unless otherwise notified, our third-party advertising companies do not use names, addresses, e-mail addresses, or telephone numbers and do not link any online actions or cookies to an identifiable person. The use of your cookies is subject to the privacy policy of our third-party advertising company.

To prevent our third-party advertising companies from sending and reading cookies on your computer, visit their Web site where you can opt out of our third-party advertiser cookie.

Site Usage Tracking and Analysis
Studsforless.com processes information and data collected from visitors to our Web site. No uniquely identifiable information is tracked by us in this process. We do not use names, addresses, e-mail addresses, or telephone numbers and do not link any online actions or cookies to an identifiable person. .

Studsforless.com offers customers many ways to keep up to date with the latest product offerings and promotions. We also offer customers to save a cart item for later viewing. Many of these services are enabled via the use of "Cookies".

"Cookies" are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer hard drive. You must have cookies enabled in order for you to be able to perform many of the general functions on the Studsforless.com Web site. With cookies enabled, the Studsforless.com Web site will have the capacity to deliver you a more customized and complete shopping experience to track visits from our affiliates and partners and to enable the use of our shopping cart. Studsforless.com does not use cookies to store or collect any personal information such as names, addresses, or payment information. To learn how to enable cookies on your computer, visit the Web site that corresponds to the browser you use:

  • • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • • Netscape Navigator

Emailing a product page to yourself or a friend:
When you e-mail a product to yourself or a friend, you and your friend's names and e-mail addresses are requested and stored. This ensures that your friend will know that you have requested that Studsforless.com send them an e-mail.

Studsforless.com occasionally requests information from our users and customers via surveys. Participation in these surveys is completely voluntary, and all participants have a choice whether or not to disclose information. The requested information typically includes the customer's first name, as well as information relating to the customer's experience at Studsforless.com , or their opinions on products they have purchased. Survey information will be used internally to monitor or improve this site, and after attaining user permission, may be posted on the site to provide information about our products to other users. Users' personally identifiable information is not shared with third parties unless Studsforless.com gives prior notice and choice.

If a third party obtains your personal information from a purchase made with Studsforless.com and uses that information to perpetrate credit card fraud, you are protected. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank may hold you liable for up to $50 of fraudulent charges. If your bank holds you liable for any portion of the $50, Studsforless.com will cover up to the entire $50.*

* Studsforless.com will cover this liability if the unauthorized use resulted through no fault of yours from purchases made on Studsforless.com's secure server. In the event of unauthorized use of your credit card, you must notify your credit card company in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.