Lifetime Trade-in



Buy the diamond stud earrings you can afford now and trade them in later for a larger pair.

We guarantee the full trade in value of your diamond earring purchase toward larger diamond earrings worth twice or more the original price, at any time you wish.

Our Lifetime Diamond Trade-In Warranty is included in the package with your diamond studs.

 One Year insurance Against Loss

For earrings over $750, we pay the costs to insure your earrings against loss of any kind for one year, provided by a private insurance company, Jewelers Mutual. If your purchase is less than $750 and you would like to purchase insurance for your earrings, please contact Jewelers Mutual.

Jewelers Mutual is the leading U.S. insurer for the jewelry industry, founded in 1913. If you incur a loss, your jewelry will be replaced with a piece of like kind and quality. Jewelers Mutual provides worldwide coverage in the case of mysterious disappearance loss or theft.

When you purchase your earrings, you will be provided with a policy form to complete and mail back within 30 days to activate your insurance.